A Small Dedication

peterJust a quick little video of a happy doggy filmed at the end of the Empty The Tanks demo on June 6th, just before we headed off to The Moon On The Water to buy The Mighty Mushroom Man a well earned half an Abbot!

I also wanted to say a big thank you to you Peter, for always being a voice for the voiceless, and for making me feel so welcome and part of our magnificent Superpod when I first dared to venture out alone and was a little timid and anxious.
Thank you so much.

You will be sorely missed by all of us, you are a great character and a wonderful man.
Huge respect. x

Peter poet to god by Rex Tyler

Our AR hero is leaving
And that really is a great shame
A singer, a composer, a guitarist of note
And videos too are his game
So very much talent and full blown good grace
And he is being called further away
Out in the sticks to join his dear wife
He is leaving folks yea next Tuesday.

He’s got one of those faces that people just love
He really is so full of joy
And his wild feathered friends in his garden
They see him as one lovely boy
He is a prince amongst all of us
His music is gentle and he
Is so full of light and projection
And of course he is very friendly

Outside the embassies he struts his stuff
The dolphins the seals they all feel
All of us gathered but especially Pete
Because Pete is incredibly real
No airs and graces who needs them
His camera there in the street
Whether its fur or angora or dolphins
Its the man with the camera you meet

He is tall with a smile like the man in the moon
And is so respectful of Nature the tune
On everyones lips is one of his songs
That reminds us of the dolphins and shows us the wrongs
It sweeps into our soul it caresses our heart
His music his pictures where do I start



David and Robert and Heather
They are his special friends for to us he’s a star
On youtube perception is stored up and seen
So much emotion he always has been
In the right place at the right time
With eagerness and ardour he seems to climb
Out of the norm to a place where we see
The reactions and feelings and affectivity
Its his predisposition to honour the day
He responds in a really quite rapturous way
He’s an old romantic aware of so much
When he points his camera he is in touch
Always a buddy, always on form
When its pissing with rain or incredibly warm
He will be there with David Odell
Megaphone blaring a post both do well
Lots of great energy
And self control
All in all Pete is a lovely soul

So he’s off to the far flung reaches away
To be with his lovely wife
And we must say
He will be happy he will I know
Miss us really but out there of course he will grow
More new AR friends and there’s FaceBook and he
Will still be around on the ether for free
His new friends and we all shall watch him and be
Incredibly humbled by the man that we see
From all of us good luck take great care of yourself
And stay happy

Rex and Claudia xx

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