Banner design for 47th year anniversary of Lolita’s capture


I was honoured to have been asked to design a large banner & posters for the 16,425 Days A Slave! Protest March at Palace Entertainment.

August 8, 2017 marked the 47th anniversary of the historic Penn Cove Captures. Organised by Peggy Oki, 7,941  letters were handed in to the headquarters of Palace Entertainment asking that Lolita be retired back to where she was captured. Peggy was also joined by Matt Sorum (Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver, The Cult)  and a compassionate group of people who want to see Lolita returned to her rightful home.

Now is the time to Retire Lolita. Enough is Enough.

Copy of the letter

Dear Mr. Fernando Eiroa,

I am writing to you and Palace Entertainment/Parques Reunidos regarding Lolita, an Orca who has lived for 46 years in a small concrete tank at the Miami Seaquarium.

Recently, the US government officially recognized Endangered Species status to Lolita, an important and significant specimen captured from the waters of Washington State where her mother “Ocean Sun” and extended family (L-Pod) still live under Endangered Species Act protection.

Marine mammal experts have proposed a very sound and well-supported plan* in which Lolita would be transferred to a coastal sea pen, and, once she re-learns the skills necessary for survival, rejoin her family in the wild. Her release has the highest likelihood of a successful reunion. *Retirement Plan for Lolita:

August 8, 2016 marks the 46th anniversary of the historic Penn Cove Massacre, an incident when five Orcas drowned as Lolita was taken from her family. She has endured the tragic suicide of Hugo, an Orca who shared her tank for a few years, leaving her without the company of another Orca for most of her nearly 16,425 days of performing at the Miami Seaquarium. Is it not time for Lolita to be granted retirement?

Palace Entertainment has an incredible opportunity to lead the way with cutting edge CGI / virtual reality encounters technology as an alternative to displaying live marine animals. Vision Nemo demonstrates this attractive solution in the face of controversy and growing public opinion against keeping Orcas in captivity.

I am absolutely amazed to view this 7D Laser Animal Show now implemented at Dubai Mall.

My friends, family, and I have long enjoyed theme and water parks. So I wish I did not have to inform you that we shall pledge and urge everyone to boycott all 22 theme parks in the USA, and 29 in other countries, owned in association with Palace Entertainment / Parques Reunidos until Lolita is granted her much deserved freedom.

Palace Entertainment could adopt a “win-win” decision by allowing Lolita to be rehabilitated and released into her native waters. Such a decision would bring tremendous positive publicity to your company.

Please respond to let me know what you will do for Lolita.

cc: Yann Caillère, Chief Executive Officer, Parques Reunidos