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Week Twelve in Taiji

We Are Family: First Pod of Pilot Whales Terrorized in Taiji. “I am shocked by the drive we witnessed today of 50 or more pilot whales. I could see them spyhopping at the nets, trying to figure out what was happening. The matriarch was swimming through the pod, checking on everyone, while babies clung to their mothers and big males swam in circles. All family members were tightly bound together for protection and comfort.” ~ Cynthia Fernandez,...

Week Ten in Taiji

Taiji: Boats heading out to hunt for Dolphins. – 6.05am Both Risso’s captured a few days ago being transferred from harbour pens to transfer truck. Transfer truck awaiting the Risso’s that are arriving now. – 6.25am 6 boats spotted on horizon. Possible formation. – 9.15am...


In Solidarity with Ric O’Barry

On October 16th we joined Ric O’Barry outside the Japanese Embassy in London to protest against the slaughter and capture of dolphins for the captivity trade in Taiji, Japan. We held roses to represent the blood of the thousands of lost dolphins and the love of the people who fight to defend them....