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Animal Rights

Close All Slaughterhouses

The food industry is the largest contributor of animal exploitation, abuse, violence and death. Yet it is accepted by our society, and is largely kept invisible from the public eye. For this reason, we must begin to courageously expose the horrors of slaughterhouses and unequivocally demand...

Taiji Action Day for Dolphins

There are currently twelve small dolphin hunting boats operating in Taiji, and each of these boats depart Taiji harbor at first light in search of wild dolphins. The boats fan out upon and beyond the horizon to cover a larger expanse of ocean, in order to effectively search well-known migratory routes....


Free Lolita Campaign

Lolita, baptized the world's "loneliest orca" was taken from her family, who fought the kidnappers to no avail in 1970, and was confined to a small tank at Miami Seaquarium, forced to perform tricks for her survival. Her concrete tank, is the equivalent of a bath tub....