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T-Shirts For Lolita

We've set up a new online store to help with funding to produce a T.V commercial for Lolita "In order to help Lolita to return home, we need to change our tactics and up our strategy. The "usual" protesting isn't enough so we are going to make a commercial (15 minutes in length) at America Teve channel 41. It will be aired every week, 4 times monthly, for the whole year. Famous artists will support and get involved with Lolita's cause....

Thomas Cook – #DropTheDolphins Tweetstorm

Well done everyone, our work has been picked up by The Sun and brought much needed attention to the plight of captive dolphins and how the travel agents exploit them for profit. Our campaign is getting noticed as it gets stronger. Thank you for being here. Together we are their voice....


Ric O’Barry’s Lifetime Achievement Award

September 1, 2016 was one of the best nights of my life! I didn’t wear any eye make up because I knew I would just cry it all off (*pats self on back* for making this excellent decision). This was the best gift I could think to give to one of my favorite people to ever walk the earth and a man and activist I admire so very much. I’ve been dreaming of giving Ric O’Barry an electric car for a very long time. Ric...