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Faroe Islands

They have no right being near any animal, for any reason

Bullied, Terrified & Alone in the Faroes

Today instead of killing the few pilot whales they drove into the Fjord under severe stress, they decided to not use the lance and the knife to kill them. Rather...

Faroe Islands Tourism Linked To Slaughter

Sea Shepherd fiercely defends against violent attack on a pod of pilot whales. Faroe Islands tourism industry directly linked to the slaughter of another 61 pilot whales as EU and...


For The 250 Taken From The Ocean

This is Suyay, #98 pilot whale, killed in the Tórshavn slaughter in the Faroe Islands on July 23, 2015. “Suyay" means ‘to wait’...


Sound Of Pilot Whales

On July 10th 2015, a sound recording of pilot whales played outside the Royal Danish Embassy in London whilst we protested to stop the pilot whale slaughter in the Faroe...