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Speakers’ Corner


#StopSucking On Plastic Straws

We use 500M plastic straws everyday in the USA Many of those plastic straws end up in our oceans, polluting the water and harming sea life. If we don’t act now,...


Drop The Dolphins – AD Campaign

In today’s Guardian newspaper! (National not London edition) This ad has gone out to 400,000+ readers! #DropTheDolphins…… Please join us on Dolphin Freedom UK, for active campaign work for the dolphins.....


Zach Affolter

Through his activism, writing, and video productions, Zach hopes to spread awareness about important issues, educate people about how beautiful nature is and why it needs to be protected....

walking for dolphins

Walking for Dolphins

ur adventure began when we all came together at a peaceful demo outside the Japanese embassy. We bonded over our dismay of seeing the brutal process of ripping dolphin pods...

Heidi Mary Porter

I am using the only thing I own in my fight against animal cruelty – my naked body and my big mouth. I am controversial, attention seeking, debatable…..and a bitch....