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captivity, the force behind the cruel dolphin drives

Driven By Demand


Everyone who follows the drive hunts in Taiji, are shocked at the brutality of the drives. The senseless slaughter for meat that is no longer popular and is poisoned with mercury.

We see dolphins abused and beaten, we see the terror in their eyes as they try to escape, we see families torn apart, with babies turned into orphans.

We often show disgust and disdain for these despicable hunters…these cowards that spend their days searching for innocent families of dolphins to prey upon.

We wish every single day that someone in the Japanese government would have the courage to stand up and put a stop to these murderers.

However, while we are cursing and loathing these cruel hunters, let us also remember the other side of the coin…

Was this life worth your dolphin show?


Captivity: A prisoner being held captive during a war.
Captive: Without the ability to escape.

The main driving force behind these cruel drives/slaughters is the desire of the Taiji hunters to capture dolphins, train them and sell them to the highest bidder for a sizable profit. According to the Japan Times, there are currently 150 dolphins “on order” to be sold before the end of their fiscal year in March 2016.

As long as the demand remains in place, there will always be someone who is willing to be the supplier.


There are dolphinariums and marine parks under construction and opening their doors at an alarming rate. People from all over the world attend these facilities when they go on vacation because they want a “swim with the dolphin” experience.

These are the people that are boosting the profits and supporting these facilities, and where do you think these facilities get their dolphins?

It is time that we started applying pressure around the world to stop the attendance at these marine parks and dolphinariums.

A captive dolphin at the Taiji whale museum floats listlessly day-after-day, even as other dolphins swim around him.


If you are supporting and standing with Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians & Ric O’ Barry’s Dolphin Project… If you are watching the live stream and yelling at the screen in anger… If you are sickened by the actions of these cruel hunters for their inhumane actions, then hopefully you are equally as shocked, horrified and critical toward every family member, friend, co-worker or acquaintance, when they choose to patronize these facilities.

Unfortunately their choices are fuelling  the atrocity that we see in Taiji for 6 months out of every year. Take action now. Stand up to these patrons, educate them, tell them what you know. Please do something to make them understand what they are facilitating…

Do this now,
Source: Cove Guardians

Left alone, he has lost everything, his freedom, his family, his life.

Illusions Of Captivity: The Unseen Dolphin Show

This is the price of your dolphin show

The 2 pilot whales shown in this video were captured on September 26, 2014 and have been held captive for 15 days. They are lathered with sunscreen for protection from the sun, have reached the point where they are not submerging or diving below the surface, and are slowly floating slowly in circles.

The captive pilot whale has taken a turn for the worse, and has been floating on his/her back all day. As we reported on October 11, 2014 he/she was rapidly declining in health and now quickly deteriorating. This is the adult pilot whale and the juvenile calf is now swimming in circles around him/her.