Faroe Islands Tourism Linked To Slaughter

Sea Shepherd fiercely defends against violent attack on a pod of pilot whales. Faroe Islands tourism industry directly linked to the slaughter of another 61 pilot whales as EU and US nationals are arrested.

12th August, 2015

  • Number of whales murdered: 61
  • 4 foetuses ripped from their mothers.
  • 1 claimed by the University.
  • 2 carcasses hoisted onboard the Faroese Coast Guard in appreciation of their service supporting the Grind.
  • The pod of Pilot Whales were first sighted and reported by an Atlantic Airways helicopter.
  • 5 Sea Shepherd volunteers from Germany, Italy, U.K. Netherlands and the USA are in custody.
  • There have been five whale massacres since June.
  • A total of 490 Pilot whales have been murdered.
  • There were about 500 Faroese on the beach.
  • The Sea Shepherd volunteers got into the water but were beaten back by the whalers.

The Sea Shepherd boat ECHO was under intense pursuit but managed to turn the whales back at one point. Unfortunately despite the excellent piloting they were very much outnumbered. The police were unsuccessful in stopping them. The commandos from the Danish Navy frigate TRIDENT did not arrive until after the killing. The ECHO escaped out to sea.

The crew reported whales screaming and witnessed agonizing suffering by the whales. This was also captured by independent media. Children were participating and the killers were cheering, swearing and celebrating the slaughter.

But how did those whales end up on that beach, driven stressfully towards land by numerous motorboats and pole banging Faroese dolphin killers?

They were reported from by a pilot of an Atlantic Airways helicopter that engaged in showing tourists around the islands. That tourist flight was directly responsible for the death of these whales.

Under the new Faroese law protecting the Grindadrap (Murder of whales) it is illegal for any tourist who spots a pod of whales to not report the pod to the whalers. Failure to report the pod can result in fines or jail sentences.

In the Faroes they claim that the whale meat is distributed freely to meet the needs of the people. Yet it is also being sold to meet the culinary adventures of tourists.

Any tourist who visits the Faroe Islands is contributing to the slaughter of pilot whales.

If you fly Atlantic Airways you may be contributing to the death of hundreds of whales. Your pilot will report the whales to the killers and you will be paying for the flight that condemned the whales to their death.

Atlantic Airways – Vagar Airport – FO-380 – Sørvágur – Faroe Islands – Tel: (+298) 34 10 00 – Fax: (+298) 34 10 01
Email: cr@atlantic.fo
CEO: Jørgen Holme (jorgen@atlantic.fo)

– Cpt. Paul Watson