Heidi Mary Porter


I am a Vegan who has an insane amount of love for animals and my life and work is dedicated to the memory of every single animal who has, or will, suffer at the hands of a human.

It has taken me nearly 40 years to open my eyes and look at the truth…..and it almost killed me. I’m done – I have seen enough. Finally, I’ve grown some balls and come out fighting for innocent animals.

I am using the only thing I own in my fight against animal cruelty – my naked body and my big mouth. I am controversial, attention seeking, debatable…..and a bitch. I will never stop fighting for innocent animals and only death will silence me.


I’m no animal rights extremist. That is dis-respectful to all the amazing activists who have been fighting for the rights of innocent animals all their lives. I am, quite simply, an animal…..nothing more, nothing less…..with balls, and a vagina…..and to say I’d die for animals will never do my love for them justice.

Animals are my soul, my family, my insides…..and I will never ‘shut the fuck up’ in my fight for their freedom. So judge me, if you will – but never forget, one day you will be judged…..in the greatest court of all.

I will always stand up for what I believe in…..even if it means standing alone! – Heidi Mary Porter

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Website: FBI Animals