London Calling – Japan Dolphins Day

Sometimes you don’t have to be “great”, you don’t have to be the “best”, you don’t have to be the “loudest”….you just have to show up, be present, stand with ones with a similar mind. I really believe this is phenomenal. No gesture is too small, no voice irrelevant. It isn’t about “following”, it is about being “a part of”. That’s my opinion anyhow. Big love and Peace to the Big Blue.” – Vicki Kiely, Dolphin Project Cove Monitor


jddEach year from September until March, hundreds of dolphins are deliberately hunted and killed by Taiji fishermen. Some are slaughtered for their meat while others are caught for a life of captivity, shipped to marine parks and aquariums across the world. Their methods are internally condemned as being brutally cruel. This is a shame on the Japanese government and we encourage everyone to SHOW UP and SPEAK OUT against the massacre of dolphins in Taiji.

We must make a stand together

Join Ric O’Barry, Leilani Munter, Martyn Stewart and Ollie Blackmore, stand in solidarity with hundreds of dedicated and passionate people. We will educate as we walk.. We will tell all who meet about Taiji, about dolphins in captivity. We must spread the word to say that going to dolphinariums and swim with programs is simply wrong.

We know that Taiji is NOTHING to celebrate but this is THEIR day, a day for THEM to be remembered, celebrated and loved for ALL that they stand for. Let’s make this the brightest and most colourful demo ever seen in London. Let us brighten the streets and celebrate the dolphins for Japan Dolphins Day is THEIR day.

Let’s give them THEIR voice and show how they should be CELEBRATED, loved and respected.
Let us show why their lives should never be taken from them either through slaughter or ripped from their families to spend their lives in a concrete tank. This is YOUR demo – use it to EXPRESS your love for our brothers & sisters in the ocean……

Press Articles

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Published in The Guardian – 30th August 2016. Written by Philip Hoare

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Published by Born Free – 30th August 2016

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Published in The Huffington Post- 31st August 2016. Written by Sam Lipman. Founding Manager, British Divers Marine Life Rescue’s Orca Aware Campaign.

Think blue, think peace, think freedom. Without our voice they have nothing.
#JDD2016 #1Voice4Dolphins