Morgan, a killer whale, is pregnant at Loro Parque in Tenerife

December 3

Morgan, a killer whale, is pregnant at Loro Parque in Tenerife. Information on the sire or due date has not yet been published.

Translated from El – article
“Dr. Jorge Soares, veterinary director of Loro Parque, who is in charge of other veterinarians and veterinary assistants, as well as several biologists. The happy news was confirmed: Morgan is pregnant !

…Jorge Soares tell me that Morgan and his companions follow a rigorous health check that takes them every month (and sometimes even every week or daily) to their weighing, temperature intakes, blood and urine tests, ultrasounds, etc.

December 5

Loro Parque confirms that Morgan is pregnant. A Dutch article states that she is 6 months pregnant with the pregnancy only just confirmed 4 weeks ago. If those estimates are accurate, Morgan would give birth in November/December 2018.

Free Morgan Foundation post:

The controversy surrounding orca Morgan continues. It has been announced that she is pregnant. This new development in Morgan’s case was revealed in the Spanish online newspaper El on 3 December 2017.
Morgan is a protected wild orca under European Union (EU) law and the CITES Convention. Under these rules there is a legal prohibition to use her for breeding purposes. If Morgan is indeed pregnant, these rules have been trampled on.
For the time being there is no official confirmation from Loro Parque.
The news about Morgan’s pregnancy comes only weeks before the 23 January 2018 court hearing for Morgan, in which the decision by the Secretary of State not to intervene regarding Morgan’s situation at Loro Parque is appealed, including breeding.
Our Press Release at

December 6

Loro Parque responds to Free Morgan Foundation and clarifies the terms of Morgan’s permit. The statement also confirms the pregnancy was the result of natural mating, not artificial insemination.

“the truth is that the research use was the exemption to the Habitats Directive in order to keep Morgan used by the Dutch Authorities. This exception does not impede the breeding, and the CITES permit of Morgan does not limit breeding either.

…the Spanish CITES Authorities answered that “ … it should be noted that the Community Certificate issued by the Dutch CITES MA doesn’t set any express legal limitation to breeding and authorized to keep the orca for research, breeding or education purposes.”. But Free Morgan Foundation never published this response in their website, nevertheless, you can find all the letters sent to the different CITES MA”  

December 7

Free Morgan Foundation post:

Loro Parque have confirmed that Morgan is pregnant. They state that they knew about it four weeks ago, but have only posted about it following our press release, which they have attacked. Their comments illustrate to us how little they understand the law and to what extent they will go to justify getting wild-born Morgan pregnant. They don’t even know who the father is, indicating how poorly managed the orca are at Loro Parque.
We appreciate the public outcry that you have voiced on our Facebook page and suggest that you also ensure that Loro Parque and SeaWorld know your concerns. The owner of Loro Parque is Mr Wolfgang Kiessling, whilst the Director of Loro Parque Foundation is Dr Javier Almunia and the CEO of SeaWorld is Mr Joel Manby. Their contact emails can be found here. Please be respectful and check your facts (but of course you can ask questions, for example, SeaWorld ‘transferred ownership’ of the orca at Loro Parque, to Loro Parque, so they no longer own them. BUT, why did they do that ? Could it be because Mr Kiessling was insisting that he would not honour the breeding ban?)

Pic credit: Free Morgan Foundation

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