New Online Shop Launched

Be a walking Bilboard!

We’re proud to announce that we have launched our online shop to sell T-shirts for organisations, groups and campaigns. 50% of every sale unless otherwise notified will benefit those who are actively campaigning.

T-Shirts really help with promoting your campaign and will get you noticed! If you have an idea that you would like to speak about feel free to get in touch.

We have already designed some successful T-shirts such as the ‘Free Lolita’ campaign for Shut Down Palace. Items can be sold on our platform or you may wish to use a site such as TeeSpring.

  • All T-Shirts are made from sustainable textiles, in a wind powered, ethically accredited factory.
  • They are transported by ship, and garments are tracked, thanks to TeeMill’s Award-Winning Traceability – from seed to shop.
  • You are buying sweatshop-free clothes that were not made using child labour.
  • All clothes were made without harmful chemicals, or in a way that harms the people in the fields or factories where they were made.
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Pic credit: Feature – Katie Bashford