•Contains graphic footage

December 18th 2015

One Voice For The Dolphins of Taiji

On December 18th 2015, London Against The Dolphin Massacre lit up the Japanese embassy. Images and footage of the slaughter and capture of dolphins in Taiji, Japan were beamed onto the embassy for the whole world to see.

We stand as ONE and we stand for the DOLPHINS. We will NEVER give up until this ends. NEVER...... The world is watching you..


Powerful speeches were given by Will Travers, president of Born Free and Dominic Dyer, policy advisor for Born Free. A condolence book was passed around for people to write blessings for the dolphins and to also leave their messages asking Japan to end this cruel and unnecessary practice.

Maria Claudia Heidemann danced on her stilts to bring awareness to the cause in a peaceful and artful way. At the end of the day a  beautiful candlelit vigil was given to remember those who had lost their lives in The Cove.

japanese embassy


never buy a ticket to a dolphin show

Credit: Dominic Dyer speech filmed by Emily Lawrence
One voice for the dolphins written & read by Gilli Graham