April 1, 2016

United Across the Atlantic for Lolita

On Friday, April 1st Miami and London UNITED to rally against Lolita the orca’s cruel captors. Miami Seaquarium kidnapped Lolita from her family when she was just 4 years old. She has been living at Miami Seaquarium ever since, in a tank so small it violates Animal Welfare Act regulations.

Coordinated protests were held on Lolita’s behalf at Miami Seaquarium and Arle Captial in London. Arle Capital Investments have a direct link in the chain which keeps Lolita captive at Miami Seaquarium.

Palace Entertainments, owners of Miami Seaquarium and Lolita, is the US operating subsidiary of Parques Reunidos – a European based company. They are owned by Candover, a private equity fund which is managed by London-based Arle Capital Investments.

We will be using this rally to urge Miami Seaquarium and Arle Capital to allow Lolita to retire to a safe sanctuary to live out the remainder of her years and live as an orca truly should – FREE.

Video speeches given by:
Howard Garrett – Orca Network
Tim Gorski – Director of Lolita: Slave To Entertainment
Dr Paul Spong – OrcaLab
Margaux Dodds – Marine Connection

Speaker – Clive Martin
Founding Partner World Cetacean Alliance
Director Orca Rescues Foundation

united for lolita
The eyes of the world are on the decision-makers in both places, and we are looking for a genuine awareness that holding her in that tiny tub to wring the last dollar out of her while letting her die there is profoundly immoral. Massive human energies are now dedicated to seeing Lolita/Tokitae taken to a protected cove in a peaceful bay in the heart of the San Juan Islands, where she’ll feel the healthful waters she remembers in that massive cerebral cortex of hers, to regain her stamina and strength, to explore the waters she was born and raised in, and to one day meet and communicate with her family, whose unique vocal signals she calls in every day. She has always been ready to come home. When we will be ready to bring her there? – Orca Network

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