Ric O'Barry's Lifetime Achievement Award

Ric O’Barry’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Filmed at The Bitter Sling, Mayfair London – September 1st 2016. Richard O’Barry gets the keys to his Lifetime Achievement Award – a Tesla Model 3!

“May these wheels let you forever roam wild and free.”

Ric O'Barry's Lifetime Achievement Award

“September 1, 2016 was one of the best nights of my life! I didn’t wear any eye make up because I knew I would just cry it all off (*pats self on back* for making this excellent decision). This was the best gift I could think to give to one of my favorite people to ever walk the earth and a man and activist I admire so very much. I’ve been dreaming of giving Ric O’Barry an electric car for a very long time. Ric has been living without a car for a couple of years now, instead riding his electric bicycle. I think many will agree that there is no one more deserving of a Tesla than Ric!

On March 31, 2016 I made a reservation to buy him a Tesla Model 3 and since that day I made a lot of phone calls to people from all around the world to help make it happen. It was a joy to talk to each of you. I know there are probably many more of you out there who would have contributed but please understand I had to keep this award a secret from Ric and his family so I could only call those I could reach directly and through friends or friends of friends.

A huge hug and big thank you to the 74 donors from 5 countries and 42 cities that made his car a reality. Thank you for loving Ric as much as I do and for opening your checkbooks for his well-deserved Tesla – a car truly bought out of love! It was an absolutely magical moment that I will never forget for the rest of my life.
– Leilani Munter

Ric O'Barry's Lifetime Achievement Award
Ric O'Barry's Lifetime Achievement Award

“One of the most amazing people on the planet got a #Tesla car last night here in London.
Richard O’Barry was given the key to his new electric car for the incredible work he has done for dolphins across the globe.It was a very emotional Leilani Münter that presented Ric with the key. What an epic evening.”
– Martyn Stewart