Join #ShutDownPalace to retire Lolita!

Shut Down Palace

Shut Down Palace is a  worldwide campaign to retire Lolita the orca from Miami Seaquarium. They hold protests throughout the country at Miami Seaquarium and other parks owned by Palace Entertainment (the owner’s of Miami Seaquarium). Palace Entertainment is the US division of Parques Reunidos owned by investment firm Arle Capital.

Lolita the orca was kidnapped from her family at the age of 3 years old. She was sent to Miami Seaquarium, where she has lived ever since in the SMALLEST whale tank in the United States. She has no room to dive or escape the intense Florida sun in her shallow tank. Perhaps saddest of all, she is all alone with no other orca for companionship.

There is no reason for Lolita to suffer in this tiny tank. A safe retirement plan has been created for her by the best marine mammal experts in the industry. Lolita could be safely moved to a protected cove seapen/sanctuary in her home waters of Washington state.

Lolita would be contained to a seapen while she readjusts to life in the ocean. Lolita herself can decide to eventually rejoin her family (after approval by experts) or she can remain in the seapen under human care. She can come and go at her leisure and will be closely monitored.

shut down palace
The best way to help Lolita (and all cetaceans):

DON’T BUY A TICKET to Miami Seaquarium, SeaWorld, swim with the dolphin programs or any attractions that use animals as entertainment. Encourage your friends and family to do the same.
Watch Blackfish, The Cove & share the truth about captivity.
Attend a Rally!  – or sign up to host your own.
Share Lolita’s story  & Tweet  every Tuesday on her behalf!

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London march for Lolita