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be a walking bilboard!


First Run: Profits helped Alejandro Ariel Dinito’s T.V Commercial for Lolita fundraiser.
Second Run: Profits help to pay for hosting of
Worldwide shipping, quality , ethical merchandise.


Dolphin Freedom UK actively works against the captive sea animal industry. Educating holiday makers and campaigning against tour companies who promote dolphin shows and swim with dolphin activities.



Penn Cove Captures
Client: Marine Connection


Retire Lolita – Bring Her Back to Life
Client: Shut Down Palace
Campaign Ended
Funds Raised:
$1,024 – Orca Network
Second run for Whale Sanctuary Project

Miracle March for Lolita
Campaign Ended
Funds Raised:
£338 – The Whale Bowl
£407 – Whale Sanctuary Project
£125 – Orca Network

Expect Resistance
Client: Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs

Drop The Dolphins
Client: Dolphin Freedom UK

Together We Are Their Voice
Client: DFUK