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Taiji Drive Figures 

2017/18 drive figures

2017/2018 quota for the drive fishery in Taiji allows for a take of 1,940 animals from nine species and has added two species to the list – rough-toothed dolphins & melon-headed whales.

The 2017/2018 quota by species is:
101 short-finned pilot whales
450 striped dolphins
414 bottlenose dolphins
251 Risso’s dolphins
400 Pantropical spotted dolphins
070 false killer whales
134 Pacific white-sided dolphins
020 rough-toothed dolphins
100 melon-headed whales

In addition to drive hunt, rough tooths and melon headed have been added to the hand harpoon quota in two prefectures – Wakayama and Okinawa. In Wakayama, 30 melon-headed whales can be taken, while in Okinawa, 13 rough-tooths and 60 melon-headed are allowed via this method. 
Including both hand-harpoon and drive hunting, a total of 33 rough-tooths and 190 melon-headed whales have been added to the overall small cetacean quota in Japan.

All information has been collated by Ceta Base, please visit their site for further information.