All you need is a laptop, a mask & a public space

The Earthlings Experience

One guy cried, two others welled up,
frown lines appeared across so many people’s foreheads,
so many couldn’t watch, so many said this is wrong,
so many made the connection.


You want people to make the connection and here’s where you can see that firsthand. This cuts out the middle man of a leaflet that tells people to watch Earthlings and where instead of you approaching people, they approach you.

Quite possibly the easiest form of activism and something that every activist should experience doing. Something that you can do any time, any place with just two people.

1 You will need Earthlings on your laptop or a documentary of your choice to make a difference.

2 A mask (pref neutral). This is to attract attention to you so that people will see what you are showing and to remain anonymous so that you are representing any member of society, furthermore to keep Earthlings the focus by not speaking to encourage the viewer to investigate and draw on their own reactions alone.

3 Any public space i.e. the underground, where you can draw on the idea of a shared experience and where intimacy can bring about connections.

4 A disclaimer, a label in clear bold writing somewhere on the laptop to say ‘WARNING: this footage contains graphic content. Footage taken from

5 Love heart shaped memo saying ‘EARTHLINGS.COM / ADAPTT.ORG’ that you give to someone only when you can see they are about to go and have made some sort of connection.

6 Doing this in pairs is a good way to start with one person holding the laptop and one person holding a sign saying ‘watch the video to see why we are here’. If there are more of you then you can also pretend to be other people watching the footage to encourage people to watch.

7 Show the truth. In Earthlings, starting fifteen minutes in under the heading ‘food’ is the perfect place to start.

8 Stay connected with who is watching and their responses to see them make the connections you want them to, this is inspiring work for an activist, and you’ll want to know when they’re about to go to give them a memo. If no-one is watching, then pick up on that and move to where somebody else will. This is on-the-go activism.

9Do this in a busy place and you will draw many. Enjoy the experience in being the change for yourself and so many others in planting the seed.

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Pic Credit: Animal Rights Photography

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