Children have a powerful sense of right & wrong

Teach your children well

There is no compassion in captivity

Until we try to understand dolphins and whales on an emotional level, we will never understand why keeping them in captivity is so utterly devastating. They have an emotional capability far greater than we could ever imagine. Their loyalty and love for one another is immeasurable.

How incredibly selfish and detached we have become.

We have a delusional perspective of intelligence, especially when it comes to our own. And we have allowed the global psyche to be manipulated by media, establishments and those driven by profit to have us believe that it’s acceptable and even humane to keep animals in captivity for our own entertainment. We’re led to believe that there’s nothing wrong with ‘loving’ these animals so much that we have the right to keep them in prison conditions so that we can have access to their wonder and beauty whenever we choose to. Somehow we’ve been convinced that watching highly advanced animals perform very humiliating and demeaning tricks is a ‘great day out for the family’?

The human psyche has a superiority complex, that seems to thrive off controlling those we deem inferior.

We eat animals, but we also ‘love’ them too.  But just in case a few begin to question the ethics of captivity, establishments such as Sea World will dazzle you with their ‘conservation’ and ‘educational’ projects. It’s a small price to pay to keep the masses in favour of their multi-billion dollar industry…

The very sad fact is, that those who visit these aquariums will claim to love dolphins, whales, seals etc… Often they will be going for a glimpse of their favourite animal, often parents are taking their children to see a magnificent and much loved animal. And most often they have no clue of the heartache and trauma that these animals have endured. They see that deceptive smile, and the menial tricks and feel justified of their selfish indulgence.

Pupils from Davyhulme Primary School talk about dolphins in captivity.

It is time to step out of this delusional bubble, to not allow to be brainwashed by the fancy adverts or the bright colours.

To not believe our connection with these incredible creatures is through a glass window. We must wake up and see captivity for what it is, an industry with only one thing in mind – profits. It relies on you allowing this industry to brainwash your children into accepting that animals are here for our enjoyment and entertainment. It relies on you believing that these animals are happy and enjoying life in swimming pools and tanks, akin to prison. When the truth is these animals are yearning for their family, for their freedom, for their home –  the ocean.

Appointing them a cute pet name doesn’t, and never will, make them ours.

teach your children well

Children have a powerful sense of right and wrong that we should listen to more often. When it comes to the issue of whales and dolphins in captivity, clearly it’s a concern that resonates with young people. Their opinion will almost invariably hold sway within their family.

If you truly love this earth, and the animals we share it with. You MUST walk away from the captivity madness. You must pledge never to step foot inside a marine park or a zoo. You must instead speak out against this cruel and selfish game humanity partakes in. Understand the direct relationship between captivity and slaughter. You must begin to understand that this industry is driven by profit, not compassion. And most importantly, you MUST teach the children that captivity is wrong, and should not be tolerated in society.

We need to want to see these animals thrive in the wild, to understand their contribution to the ocean’s complex and fragile system and appreciate it. We need to move away from the selfish desire to just see them, and instead have a desire to see them FREE…

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