Thomas Cook – #DropTheDolphins Tweetstorm

Dolphin Freedom UK:

“Despite some huge technology problems last night, you did an astounding job!
*WE TRENDED NO 10 UK* without being able to use the tweetsheet technology. This is massive. Many thanks to the ‘cut and paste warriors’ who stuck it out and made sure we trended for the dolphins.
We topped the number of tweets at our first storm by nearly 3000, taking tweets sent to 28,500.
Amazingly 7000 tweets were sent in the first 45mins under difficult conditions before the site finally crashed.
Think where we could have trended if the crash hadn’t happened!
We do wonder if it was the sheer volume of tweets that broke the server!!
However the #DropTheDolphins hashtag has reached 1.7 million people at this point!
This is something we should all be very proud of!
Thank you for sticking with it last night! You did the dolphins proud.
There’s no mistake, the public from all over the world are calling for Thomas Cook to #dropthedolphins!”

“Well done everyone, our work has been picked up by The Sun and brought much needed attention to the plight of captive dolphins and how the travel agents exploit them for profit.
Our campaign is getting noticed as it gets stronger.
Thank you for being here.
Together we are their voice.”
#DropTheDolphins #EmptyTheTanks #DFUK

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