Week Eleven in Taiji

November 11 – 14 – Blue
November 15th

  • Taiji: The hunt is on.
  • Two hunting boats spotted. No drive formation. Will update again shortly.
  • 5-6 boats spotted coming towards each other. No black smoke or drive formation. Standby
  • Hunters seem to be looking for the pod. The hunt is still on but there’s still hope
  • Boats we thought we searching were clearly waiting for these hunters. Definite drive on.
  • Pod being pushed towards harbour. Dolphins fighting hard. It ain’t over till it’s over.
  • Dolphins have been fighting for hours. Perhaps a valuable species to hunt so long and late.
  • All the hunting boats are chasing the pod again. We can see black smoke and pod is visible.
  • Boats struggling with pod at the mouth of the harbor.
  • Taiji: Pod being driven into the harbour now. They have been fighting over 6 hours.
  • We can confirm it’s Risso’s Dolphins – 2.50pm.
  • Red cove in Taiji. Risso’s dolphins are now being netted into the cove now.
  • Pod are now netted in the cove & coast guard has left. Seems they will leave them overnight.
  • Cove Monitors will be back to check on the family of Risso’s later on. We are all very sad.
  • Risso Dolphins netted in the cove. They will be left here overnight and slaughtered tomorrow.
  • All around the world who worry for the Risso’s tonight we are here to give them your love.

November 16th – Red

  • Boats are heading out to search for more Dolphins and the tarps are up at the butcher house.
  • Hunters are still out at sea searching for Dolphins – 9.30am
  • 4 banger boats that remained in this morning now left to join rest of fleet. Not a good sign.
  • Black smoke drive well underway to the north pushing towards harbour. This is unbelievable.
  • Hunters slowly pushing pod towards harbour. It’s surreal here todayWho would have imagined?
  • Pod keeps escaping from the hunters. The lust for life so apparent. Keep fighting!
  • Pod has now been netted into the killing cove. Their fate is sealed.
  • Skiff has left the cove with two captive Risso. Some of the family being driven back to sea.
  • Risso’s caught in the net during today’s captures in the Cove. This is the captive trade.

November 17 – Blue

Pic Credits: Dolphin Project