Week Seven to Nine in Taiji

October 13th – Blue

October 14th – Red

  • 12 boats leaving the harbor – 5:40am
  • Several boats seen converging to the South – 6:50am
  • 6 boats chase pod with more on the way – 7:45am
  • 20+ Risso’s have been driven to the cove and the slaughter has begun. 11:17am
  • The transfer is now complete, all Dolphins have been slaughtered and1 drowned by the hunters. 11:46am

October 15th – 18th – Blue

October 19th – Red

  • Setting out again. Calm seas – 5.50am
  • 6 boats are in drive formation now. Dolphins, get out! – 8.40am
  • A drive hunt is on. Still time for the dolphins to escape… 10am
  •  The hunters struggle but the chase continues – 11.15am
  • Chased for more than 4 hours. Very close to shore now – 12.45am
  • Small pod of Risso’s has no chance to escape now – 1.15pm
  •  The Risso’s are being pulled under the tarp to be killed – 1.30pm
  • 15-20 Risso’s dolphins fought hard for their lives – 2pm

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October 20th – 27th – Blue

October 28th – Red

  • A drive hunt has started. Still way out there at the moment – 7.50am
  • Drive progressing. – 8.20am
  • Classic drive hunt formation progressing, all boats at it. – 8.40am
  • No chance for dolphins. A kill will happen. – 10.30am
  • Hunt over. One dolphin died after being caught in the net – 12.15am
  • Banger boat just released six live dolphins – 12.45am

October 29th – Blue

October 30th – Red

  • The hunters have found Dolphins. Pod can be seen already. – 6.30am
  • Drive going fast. Big pod. Bangers can clearly be heard. –  7.10am
  • The cove is red from the blood of 19 striped dolphins.

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October 31st – Red

  • Not again! Drive advancing fast – 8.50am
  • A small pod of Risso’s are now caught in the cove – 9.40am
  • The cover up! Dead Risso’s transported to slaughterhouse – 10.10am
  • 7 Risso’s dolphins were savagely killed in the 10th slaughter of the hunting season.

November 1st –  3rd  – Blue