Week Ten in Taiji

November 4th – Red
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November 5th – 9th Blue – The mini cove monitors arrive in Taiji

November 10th –  Red

  • Taiji: Boats heading out to hunt for Dolphins. – 6.05am
  • Both Risso’s captured a few days ago being transferred from harbour pens to transfer truck.
  • Transfer truck awaiting the Risso’s that are arriving now. – 6.25am
  • 6 boats spotted on horizon. Possible formation. – 9.15am
  • 6 boats slowly pushing pod towards harbour.  – 9.55am
  • Small pod being pushed into cove right now. – 10:50am
  • Second pod being driven to Taiji! – 11:30am
  • Skiff arrived, hunters in wet suits. Captures or slaughter. – 1:15pm
  • Trainers arriving to select – just the pretty ones! – 1:20pm

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Pic Credits: Dolphin Project