Week Nineteen/Twenty in Taiji

January 13 –  Blue
January 14 –  Red
A small family of eight bottlenose dolphins were driven into the cove. Four were slaughtered and four were dumped back at sea. A complete waste of beautiful innocent lives.

January 17 – Red

The cove runs red with the blood of an innocent family of 5 Risso’s dolphins.
At approximately 8:30am, local Japan time, 10 of the vessels came into formation and were able to drive this tiny family into the cove.
After netting them in, preventing their escape, one by one, they were dragged to the back of the cove and brutally slaughtered. – ref: Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians

January 18 –  19 – Blue

January 6 – Red – Striped – 35 captured – 35 killed  – 0 aquariums – 0 release
January 7 – Red – Bottlenose – 6 captured – 6 killed  – 0 aquariums – 0 release
While the banger boats were out at sea, killers and trainers removed a dead Bottlenose who was taken captive during  Dec 20th-22nd selection process from the harbour pens.
January 8 – Red – Risso’s– 13 captured – 11 killed  – 2 aquariums – 0 release
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January 9 – Blue
January 10 – Red – Risso’s– 16 captured – 16 killed – 0 aquariums – 0 release
January 11 – Blue
January 12 – Red – 45 striped dolphins lost their lives to the hands of the Taiji Fishermen
“There are no words to describe the massacre that I have just witnessed. Yesterday, I said the image of part of a pod fleeing to freedom would never leave my mind. Now all I can see is blood and all I can hear are the thrashes of whom we believe belong to the same family.”
~ Maria Nangle, Dolphin Project Cove Monitor

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