Week Twenty One in Taiji

Jan 20 – Blue
Jan 21 – Red – Risso’s– 13 captured – 11 killed  – 2 aquariums – 0 release
Jan 22 – Red – Striped – 22/25 captured – 22/25 killed  – 0 aquariums – 0 release
Jan 23 – 25 – Blue – Two bottlenose transfers made.

I am writing this as a big pod of striped dolphins have been driven into the killing cove in Japan, some have become stuck in the nets, some are bleeding throwing themselves on the rocks trying to escape from these killers.. They are fighting for their lives right now…. Vicki is trying to comment on livestream for us all. This is heartbreaking……..

Ric O’Barry is being held in Japan whilst Caroline Kennedy hob nobs with Shinzo Abe.

This is all so wrong. All so corrupt and evil.. It’s at moments like this I want to scream out as loud as I possibly can! Somebody put this right.. We are fighting day after day, hour after hour. Those on the ground, those organising demos, those sharing all they know on the web and to everyone they meet.

We have a massive fight on our hands. It’s now that we have to gain strength from each other and stand strong. Stand together. Support each other.

Together we can do this but only if we stand together. Stand up speak out……. Do something. Anything… But do it now… You are their one and only voice. They need you right now. Right now……


SIGN: ACTION ALERT: Petition calling for the immediate release of Richard O’Barry – http://bit.ly/1P8uOsI
DONATE: https://dolphinproject.net/donate/

Eleven dolphins transferred out of Dolphin Resort.
“That’s about $1.5 million for the Taiji killers, financed by the aquarium captivity trade. A sad night indeed. They will spend hours or days in a coffin-like crate, shipped by plane out of Osaka to a SeaWorld copycat, where they will be trapped for the rest of their lives, after having witnessed their pod family killed.”