Week Twenty Two in Taiji

Jan 27 – Red – Risso’s – 7 captured – 7 killed  – 0 aquariums – 0 release
Part of the pod was able to escape but seven Risso’s were  driven into the Cove. This was the nineteenth pod of Risso’s driven into the Cove so far this season.
Jan 28 – Red – Pacific White Sided – 4 captured – 0 killed  – 4 aquariums – 0 release
A small family was captured, four Pacific White Sided dolphins were selected for captivity.
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Jan 29 -30 – Blue
The rain gives a welcome break for the dolphins who are swimming on their migratory route past Taiji, Japan. After such a truly horrific week where we have witnessed the massacre of striped dolphins, Risso’s, the capture of Pacific white sided and the transportation of others we can try to breathe for a while.

However, there’s nothing to celebrate whilst we await news regarding Ric and think about those who have been taken to their watery jail.
With now over 100 dolphins incarcerated in Taiji…… We think of them all…….
Swim past quickly, do not stop… Swim far, swim deep.

Jan 31 – Red – Striped – 18 captured – 18 killed  – 0 aquariums – 0 release
A completely senseless waste of life in Taiji, Japan.
All this torment and extreme cruelty for 18 striped dolphins…..
Many thanks to Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians for the excellent commentary & footage.

Feb 1 – Red – Risso’s – 7 captured – 7 killed – 0 aquariums – 0 release
Feb 2 – Blue

Pic credit: Dolphin Project